Thursday, June 24, 2010

New New Media

Well, I have to hand it to Professor Levinson. New New Media is very informative, easy to understand and even humorous at times. The book is a great resource of what new, new media is and how new media became new, new media. The book was well-organized with chapters dedicated to blogging, YouTube, Wikipedia, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Podcasting, etc...

It is interesting how new media is now considered to be new, new media. However, it makes sense as it is always advancing and changing.

Overall, I found that Levinson was realistic throughout his book. For instance, I completely understand that in order to understand new media and new, new media--you need to experience it and practice it. This is where the user plays a large role in the creation of new media for the user becomes the creator--the artist--the publisher--the director. New media and new, new media consist of the creations of the user. As they are creating they are fully engaged and are becoming experienced. This all makes sense to me. YouTube is a great example of this.

I found it funny that in his book, Levinson compares YouTube (new, new media) to Television (new media/"old media"). However, for me...I would compare to the actual newspaper. I'm going further back in time as Levinson is compaing new, new media to new media.

Thus far, I really enjoyed the blogging chapter. It was very detailed and it acted as if it was a how-to guide to blogging. From taking past classes with Levinson, I know that he is very involved with blogs and has a lot of experience with them. This goes back to fully understanding new media by engaging yourself with it. I agree that new, new media is something that just can't be read about it--it is something that you need to particpate in for it is a large part of our society and effects us daily. Even-more-so, many enjoy it.

I have not finished the book yet but from what I have read, it seems to be great overview of new, new media. And if you have taken a class with him, he makes sure to let everyone know that he is heavily involved in the new, new media world with this tweets, podcasts, Facebook account and tons of blogs. Therefore, as he is fully engaged he understands new, new media and is knowledgeable enough to write this book.


  1. Yea Levinson is really big on new new media in his classes. He had us make a blog for one of his classes and actually try to find ways to advertise and get more eyes to see our blogs. In fact, we couldn't get an A unless a certain number of people saw our blog. That's how serious he takes new new media.

  2. Blogging is foundational to Web 2.0, social media, and new new media, and it remains the basic mode of self-expression for those serious about producing content.